Overnight Success 3 – No Excuses

This is part three in what’s become a series. Part 1: Overnight Success, and Part 2: A Call to Arms came out of some thoughts on the topic of the work that goes into making your business successful. Part 3 is about excuses.

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How are you dealing with excuses in your own pursuit of success?

overnight success

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  • http://twitter.com/klreed189 Kyle Reed

    I am getting past the excuse that I am to young (23) to do anything. Often it seems that this is the excuse of others for me, they tell me I have to wait etc…
    But I am moving past this excuse.
    Thanks for the encouragement.

  • http://www.willsloanonline.com/about/ Will Sloan

    Yeah, this is one of those situations where people (such as myself) lack the perspective to be able to criticize your family with any authority. Concern isn't ever a bad thing, unless it begins to encroach on your freedom to deal with your family in your own manner. When people start throwing out opinions as fact and attacking what they don't understand (but believe that they do) then you end up with problems.

    I'm sure it's hard enough on both of you being apart during those busy periods. You don't need people like me pointing fingers. I bet there are times when you feel like a single mom at your wits end, but there's comfort in knowing that you're family is secure and you've got a man who is taking care of you and has an incredible head on his shoulders. I seriously admire the hell out of him and I barely know the guy. I can't imagine the level of admiration you must have for him.

    Thanks for letting us monopolize Chris for a little while. ;)

  • http://www.detavio.com/ detavio

    I think you are right on and Chris Brogan touches on this as well. Fear of taking risk is huge and is something that often gets in our way of accomplishing our goals. Deep down I believe that the current thought process goes something like this: 1) Dream 2) Contemplate risks associate with our dreams and 3) Eliminate dreams/goals based on those risks. Ultimately, I believe we need to revise step #3 so that it looks like “Eliminate the risks that could prevent us from accomplishing our dreams/goals.” Instead of eliminating our dreams we need to eliminate the barriers/excuses that stand in our way. If we adapted that mindset, there would be “No Excuses” for not reaching our dreams.

    Thanks Chris for the great post.


  • http://www.simplyzesty.com/ Niall Harbison

    I hear excuses all the time and the funny thing is to succeed I actually don't think you need a huge amount of talent. I think the guys making it in our game are just guys who put in the hours when others just offer up excuses. Hard work gets you everywhere!

  • olwenanderson

    What a great way to put this Detavio! That three step process you set out that manages to put people in excuses mode.

  • http://www.passwater.com/ George Passwater

    Thanks for another great video Chris.

    You're so right. No one is going to give everything to you, you have to work hard and earn it! By making more excuses, you will never achieve your goals and become a success. I work hard everyday with building my business and taking care of my family. They are the reason I do it all.

    Many people have fear keeping them back from their success. If you don't take hold of that fear and control it, you will never see what you can achieve.

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  • http://www.nextlevelblogger.com/about Christian

    It's the price, man…so many just aren't willing to pay up for what they want. Unfortunately it's just ignorance of the value they're giving up…the best times of my life…the travel, the fun, the memories…all the best stuff has been when I was working the HARDEST, not when I was kicking back.

  • whome

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  • whome

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  • http://www.zoombits.fr/ram/ memoire pc

    Chirs, this is great information. People want overnight success but they are usually unwilling to work for it. Tom Leding once said, “Overnight success usually takes 10 years.”

  • http://www.zoombits.fr/ram/ memoire pc

    Chirs, this is great information. People want overnight success but they are usually unwilling to work for it. Tom Leding once said, “Overnight success usually takes 10 years.”

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