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HBWay_Podcast300 What do you listen to in the car right now?

How about when you do the dishes or when you’re out for a run or at the gym? Are you just listening to whatever’s on? Are you listening to an old playlist? What if you could use that time to learn something new, in a fun and conversational way?

Well your problems are SOLVED!

Hahahaha… Wait. Sorry. I have to stop. I was trying really hard to emulate the bad marketing emails I read out at the very end of my show, The Human Business Way, often as an example of what not to do. But I couldn’t do it with a straight face.

I have a nifty podcast. I put out lots of great interviews with super awesome guests. I want you to subscribe to it.

That’s really what I want. Aside from my newsletter, which is the absolute best thing I do every single week, my podcast is the most fun business thing I do every week. And I want you to subscribe. I send out anywhere from 2-5 episodes a week. You don’t have to listen to every single one of them. Especially if you consider subscribing. That way, if you don’t like an episode for whatever reason, just skip it!

How should you subscribe? Well, I have some options:

Subscribe via Stitcher Radio (my favorite!)
Subscribe via iTunes
Subscribe on the Blackberry Network
you can subscribe to me via the Zune part of the XBOX Live store, but there are no direct links (sorry about that)!

Want a simple RSS link? I have that too.

And that’s it. I’d love to earn some of your commute time, or your dog walking time, or that wasted time while you’re wandering around the grocery store. Give me a shot, okay?

Pick any episode, and I imagine you’ll enjoy it. I imagine a lot of things, actually. Like sharks that can swim under the floorboards of old creaking houses. Aaaaaa! Bad dreams now! runs on the Genesis Framework

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  • OBVAVirtualAssistant

    Thanks Chris, it’s a superb idea. I generally listen to old melodies but may be I should change it. I am in.

    • Chris Brogan

      Hooray! : )

  • Tunefarmer

    Great show, Great music, great attitude and HAPPY FRIDAY

  • sanjay kumar

    thank great music and very great show.

    • emeldastarr79ma

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    • Chris Brogan

      So glad to hear it!

    • emeldastarr79ma

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    Chris, so glad to come across you podcast. I rarely listen to the radio anymore, now I listen to what I want and learn at the same time. Glad I found you.

    • Chris Brogan


  • Darlene S. Esser

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