Commit and Grow Stronger

Spartan Shield In the last handful of days, I’ve made some commitments to people. I made two on the last day. In all cases, I’ve agreed to put my resources to bear against their problems and to help them find new levels of success. It made me think about the stories of the Spartans in Steven Pressfield’s The Warrior Ethos (which I’ve just reread for probably the fourteenth time).

Protect Everyone

In The Warrior Ethos is this little detail about Spartan warrior society:

Plutarch asked, “Why do the Spartans punish with a fine the warrior who loses his helmet or spear but punish with death the warrior who loses his shield?”

Because helmet and spear are carried for the protection of the individual alone, but the shield protects every man in the line.

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My New Vastly Superior Business Model’s Secret Glue

Violette the Thinker I was having trouble falling asleep last night and I realized it was because I was thinking about who else I could connect Mark Divine and Joe DeSena with to improve their goals of getting their ideas out to more people. And then I went immediately into thinking about how I could work more with Rachel Gogos and a few other people to even more business. You see, this is a huge chunk of how I now spend my calories.

My Business Model’s Secret Glue

If there’s a “secret glue” to my new and amazing and vastly superior business model, it’s this: the monchu is the media. ( What the heck is a monchu?

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Freaks Book Release Week

The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth Hi there! If you’re even vaguely considering getting my new book, The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth, but are on the fence, here’s my big attempt to convince you, especially since this week is a big week in ensuring the success of its release. So, it’s my job to entice you and convince you and it’s your job to see if this book is for you. Deal?

Can’t see the video? Click Here

Are You a Freak?

In the parlance of this book, a freak is someone obsessed with excellence and a deep understanding of their domain. Marc Ecko is a freak about design and apparel and deep level brand-making with meaning (interviewed in this book).…

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7 Ways to Bore the Hell Out of People

7 seems like a great number I was looking at the news flow stream thing on LinkedIn just now. Don’t ask. But you know, I thought I’d see if anything was worth my time. I found that pretty much every post fell into two categories: “go to my thing” or “read my bland and boring article.” So, a fun idea came to mind.

7 Ways to Bore the Hell Out of People

  1. Use graphics everyone else would use. Especially people in suits or weird stick men and dollar signs.
  2. Make sure you use a number in the post title, unless it’s an event. Then just say “new event” or “premier event” or “save your seat.”
  3. Use bombastic titles and claims like, “The most outrageous ___ you’ll ever see, and that’s not the half of it!”
  4. Make splelling errors.

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The Single Most Effective Change I Made to My Digital Presence

Chris Brogan People ask me quite often whether the world of social media has changed much. The answer is yes. It’s changed a lot. There are lots of details to think about. I’ll give you those. But I also wanted to share the single most effective change I made to my digital presence.

What’s Changed In Social Media

Here’s a quick list:

  • Then: conversational. Now: promotional.
  • Then: thoughtful sharing. Now: shovel it over the wall.
  • Then: “I’m hungry for lots of great information.” Now: “I’m drowning in information.”
  • Then: just being here is great! Now: where are MY people?
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On the Occasion of my 44th Birthday

Chris Brogan Today, I turn 44 years old. First, I don’t feel especially old. In fact, I’m in the best health and shape of my life (thank you, fitness journey). Do I feel more wise? I wouldn’t go that far, or at least not in the way that you’d think it would keep me out of trouble. I learn by failing. Wisdom comes with that learning.

I’m grateful for the love of a strong woman. I’m thrilled to be a dad to two really smart and funny kids. I’m blessed to have two amazing parents. And I’m lucky to have the support and connection of friends and allies like you.

On the occasion of my 44th birthday.

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Portland, Oregon – I’m Part of #pdxpioneer

Chris Brogan Podcaster I’ll be in Portland, Oregon to speak at Chris Guillebeau’s Pioneer Nation event. It’s built for Owners. Are you in Portland?

My Business Intentions for #pdxpioneer

I have one goal in mind while speaking at Pioneer Nation: to convince you that the freaks shall inherit the earth. But I’m not going to sell my book. I’m not going to sell my business services (though if you subscribed to my newsletter, I’d be grateful, and if you started in on the Owner’s Mastery Foundation Group, I would LOVE you.

But no, my goal is that personal business is upon us. Business is about belonging.…
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Five More Freaks Event Opportunities

Freaks Book Cover Wow! So, Wiley had to push the book back a few weeks to deal with some last minute stuff (probably my fault), and so that gives me just a little more time to lay some groundwork. For YOU, that means if you’re thinking of having an event and if you want to take advantage of the absolutely most affordable way to have me speak live and in person to your community and event, there’s still time.

Hire Me to Speak for Only 300 Books

Not bucks. Let’s not be crazy. But books. The deal is this: hire me for an event in this or the next calendar year for the cost of your purchasing of 300 copies of my new book, The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth, plus airfare and hotel (some small details apply), and I’ll gladly come and be part of your event.…

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Sort Out Who Matters to You

2014-03-18 15.28.58 I can tell you without a doubt that people who participated in (not attended) my last live event in Boston with Rob Hatch and Jacqueline Carly would go to the mat for anyone else in that room. There’s a guest room available for anyone who participated in whatever cities people came from (Philadelphia, Miami, East Hampton, etc). There are buyers and promoters now for each other’s works. Heck, we invested in one artist right then and there on the spot (note: his prices will go up in a few days. Buy now!)

In working on how I will make Owner Media Group a successful business in 2014 and beyond, Rob and I both agree that we are dedicated to serving the Monchu above all else.…

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Decisions are Dominos

Innocent Coffee Last night, I stayed up an hour or so past my bedtime to be with new friends. I ended up having trouble sleeping. That made waking up difficult. That made getting to the gym difficult. I’m now running late for a big day with a big event.

Decisions are Dominos

Our choices tip other choices closer or further away from us. “It’s just one cookie” is a choice further from our fitness goals. “I’ll call her later” is a choice away from a business goal. “200 words on my book today is plenty” is a choice away from your publishing goal.

Your decisions do have follow on effects.…

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