Play the Email Game

The Email Game

I recently downloaded The Email Game at the Chrome Store (for use in your Chrome browser), and found it fascinating. If you click that graphic above, you’ll get a slightly better visual of the results from my most recent round. Basically, it’s the gamification of getting through your inbox in a speedy fashion. And it’s quite useful.

Playing the Email Game

How is it played? Watch this quick video:

The Email Game – Conquer your Email from Baydin Inc. on Vimeo.

Can’t see the video? Click Here.

Pretty simple, eh?

You don’t need Chrome to run this. But it works with gmail and Google apps accounts at present. Want to try? Check out The Email Game (not an affiliate link).

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  • Raul Colon

    Great another reason to move my corp email to Gmail. 

    I really enjoyed the game and it makes sense a way to keep the inbox clean.. 

    thanks for sharing Chris! Awesome tool with lots of fun! 

    • kay_k

      my family is moveing lol !!!!!!

  • Henry Louis

    Oh! It is very interesting to play this game. Thanks for sharing this information Chris. It creates lot of fun to me.

  • Rick Manelius

    That’s actually really cool. I’ve resisted gmail for the longest time (been using mobileme as my primary one for years), but something like this may make me switch! :)

    I’m all about becoming way more efficient in my email communications.

  • Christopher Somers

    OMG!  I need this!

  • Samantha Timmermann

    This game is exactly what I need to find this week…my inbox is insane. Super excited it integrates with Google Apps. However, does it take Priority Inbox into account? I’m really wanting to tackle those specifically and I feel as if they aren’t showing up in the game. Thanks for any insight you may have! 

  • Sarah

    Email: the absolute last thing about work I would have thought had room for fun — thanks!! (My current “game” I play with myself is keeping a few unnecessary notifications active, so that when I open my inbox and see 20 new emails, once I weed through the “fake” emails, I really only have about 10 to respond to. Inefficient, but it always cheers me up!)

  • Ben Reilly

    I just played the Email Game and must say it’s a cool idea.  I like the timer and having the impression you are being forced to clear out your inbox.  Only thing I would like to see added is to move email to certain folders.  I didn’t see that as an option.

    • ayemoah

      Hi Ben, 

      Please click on the ‘Label’ and it will show you a list of all folders you have in your account. Then you can click Label & Archive which is exactly the same operation as Move To in Gmail. 

      Thanks for trying and providing the feedback.
      Moah from Baydin (we built The Email Game!)

      • kay_k

        yguy ufd gudfgjhuf dgyu

  • Anonymous

    I love this idea! I am a big fan of play based education for all ages including the corporate workforce. The only issue I have with this application is that urgency and impact could get easily confused.  

    I look forward to the day that an application can measure the actual business impact of sending an email; then you really will have a game worth playing :)

    • Anonymous

      I tried the game and I love it! 

  • Roger Perkin

    Great fun, even my daughter enjoyed this game

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  • Eugen Oprea

    Really fun. Too bad that works only on Gmail emails. I have multiple inboxes in my Gmail account, but it works only with the main email.

  • IncentiBox Rewards Program

    Wish I had more time to play this enough to make use of it, but the holidays are busy. Happy Holidays everyone!

  • Michael White

    Thanks for sharing this, great fun. It is terrifying to think how many hours I have spent over the last couple of years catching up with emails. I rely on Outlook filters constantly.

  • Matt Tanguay

    Gamification is huge nowadays… I think the world is going towards a lot more games.

    Thanks for the share about  The Email Game, I’ll check it out!

  • Anonymous

    What an odd way to deal with mail. Do we really need to have gamification of everything? 

  • Anonymous

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    This is a fun approach to such a daunting and repetitive task. I like how it transforms the bland to something more enjoyable.

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