Plus1 Is Even More Powerful

If you swing by [], and click on any post, you’ll notice there’s a little Google +1 button at the top, alongside the Facebook Like button. Okay. It’s easy. You don’t even have to comment. You can just +1 something and move on, if you like it. It’s like jazz people snapping their fingers a few times at a good line or riff.

Plus1 sharing on Google+

A +1 is a pretty nice thing, indeed. It has some potential implications to search value, or so I’m learning, but I’m not smart enough to talk about that kind of stuff. Read Search Engine Land and SEOmoz to learn about that stuff.

But then, there’s this extra step. If you +1, and you have a Google+ account, you get this nifty little box:

easy to share into Google+

That means that you can share a post that you like directly into Google+, adding some comments and insights and explaining to your readership why you like the post. There are a few ways you can use this:

  • Share to a private circle of one (just you) called “bookmarks” to remind you to read the post later.
  • Share to a small circle of your work colleagues so that you can discuss implications to your business.
  • Share to the public and curate interesting content that you find useful to the kinds of people who read your stuff.

Here’s how Google describes it:

If you can’t see the video, click here

Get Your Own Plus1 Button

If you’re running a WordPress site, you can get it here. If you’re running a Blogger site, I found this easy tutorial. If you want even more scoop about the Plus1 button, there’s more about it here.

Sharing is Caring

People use sharing in a few ways. If you’re the one doing the sharing, it’s a way of saying that you find interesting material and share it with those who might also find it useful. If your stuff is being shared, it’s a social signal that says that people appreciate what you’re doing. It’s also a way to tell the web what’s worth looking at and what’s not, and that means telling search engines where to look next.

Are you in the habit of sharing items socially? If you’re not tending to use the +1 or Like buttons, where do you do more of your sharing? Are you tweeting more links? Stumble Upon? What matters? And how often do you share?

For that matter, how often do you comment? Let’s practice here! If you don’t normally swing by to comment, click here and leave a note. : ) runs on the Genesis Framework

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  • Adam Smith

    Ironically I’m on the verge of closing my Google+ account due to lack of activity.

    • Chris Brogan

      Given that they just opened to the public yesterday, that is funny timing.

  • HughDiego

    Aha, good tips~

  • research proposal help

    great post! thanks a lot for sharing! 

  • Ken Brand

    Thanks.  Cool.  Cheers:-)

  • applause

    Thanks for the useful information, I’ve +1d you maybe you could reciprocate I’m trying to kick start this on my own site.

  • Michael Robinson

    +1s also help good stuff float to the top on Google+ search. Search for just about anything with “Best of” selected and you’ll get more interesting content than you know what to do with.

  • Web Design Company

    Well +1 button is quite amazing. But i want to ask the more we get +1 to any post , more we get top ranking too if anyone search for that post ?

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  • Katie Davis

    I’m reading this on my iPad so maybe it’s a flash issue but I don’t see a plus1 button to hit on this post about hitting a plus1 button! I have one on my own site and never tried it (duh, me) and when I just did try it, it gave me a prompt to look at that page on my desktop. Hmm.

    • Chris Brogan

      Huh. That might be. On iPad, you get a different mobile version of my site. At the bottom of my site, if you click the NORMAL site, you see it. 

  • Scott Sinclair

    Chris, excellent article. This is exactly how i have been using the +1 button, and i find it so much easier than stumble upon for bookmarking. 

    • Chris Brogan

      Stumble-Upon is great. No reason to not use it. 

  • YourInstantWebshop

    Hi Chris, thanks a lot for sharing this interesting article. I like to share great content from others by clicking the like button, +1, I tweet a lot. Everyday i share posts that, i think, are useful to my followers. And I’m grateful to you and so many others that they love to share too.
    Have a nice day  greets Sara

  • Anonymous

    Hey, Chris. I would love to +1, but unfortunately I have google apps for domains, and we cannot create public profiles on those accounts yet… I bounce between one browser that uses my G+ profile and the other that has email, reader, calendar, etc. It makes it a real bugger to use the features.

    It is great to see the power others have, and I am surprised there is little conversation about people who signed up their businesses to use apps for domains. Maybe I am missing something, or maybe my company is the only one who took that path???

    • Chris Brogan

      I’m using 2 browsers for that reason. For now. : ) 

      • Anonymous

        Well, then, I am not alone… I wonder how Google profiles will take care of those of us with multiple online identities.

  • Rick Manelius

    Awesome. Though I’m still curious how the plus ones are going to shake out. I know that when my friends search through google now, things I’ve shared/plus one’d are now appearing higher in the rankings, so I feel some responsibility to do it right and only curate the best of the best versus (hence google’s “check this out label”).

    My hope is that google doesn’t start bubbling up comments in the search results in addition to articles/websites. +1′ing articles like this make sense and it should move up appropriately. But +1′ing a comment and now having it appear as a “Check this out” would be kinda silly out of context!

    • Chris Brogan

      I’m not entirely sure. But we’ll see. 

  • Rob Orr

    Really good stuff here Chris. I just added it to my blog which was pretty easy, although it’s not a WordPress blog (gasp!). Particularly cool is the idea of using it as a bookmarking tool. I use Evernote to clip stuff to read later and Pinboard for stuff I want to hang on to, but I may have to look at that as an option.

    • Chris Brogan

      What? Not WordPress? : ) 

      • Rob Orr

        Drupal :)

  • Anonymous

    What kills me is how quickly people are blowing off Google+. We added the +1 button to our agency’s website as soon as it was available. This new functionality with comments, sharing and even the ability to share it with people who DON’T have Google+ makes it even more powerful.
    Considering nearly 65 percent of search is done via Google, what will have more weight in the building of organic SEO? A Facebook “like” or a Google +1? (That’s a rhetorical question, by the way.)
    Google+ still needs to become a habit, which is hasn’t yet by the “passive” Facebook audience. Think about it. Facebook has almost become like radio. It’s something to keep playing in the background. But you have to make an effort – to a certain extent – to use Google+. (I’m not talking about YOU Chris. I’m talking about people who are right now whining and moaning about the latest Facebook changes.)
    Once the business accounts open up I think organizations will start lobbying to get those +1s and urging customers to use Google+ over Facebook. Thanks for keeping this front and center. Yeah, there are 10 million-plus, but so many are ready to declare Google+ dead.

    • Chris Brogan

      I was on Twitter in 2006. They started blowing it off by the end of 2006 and early 2007. They all wrote angry blog posts, canceled their accounts. Meanwhile, I kept growing. 

  • Anonymous

    Good post, as usual. Although I do a good deal of liking, +1 ing and tweeting links to articles, pages and post, it is often frustrating why more people don’t. I think those are the things that make the dynamic web great. I we just need to figure out how to get more people to do it, and not be so stingy with their clicks, or maybe people just need to read more and be more curious. Perhaps they don’t understand the value. Anyway, thanks for your dedication and contribution.

    • Chris Brogan

      Beats me, Brad. Some days, I wish people knew that we played for tips. : ) 

  • Dasnyder1

    I like this Chris.  In terms of an internal way to communicate valuable information, +1 rocks.  Google + in general has been a fantastic tool for navigating the forest of social media.  By creating a circle of relevant colleagues we can +1 and share helpful articles on social media with each other.  So it actually “kills two birds with one stone”, it provides a sharing and learning environment while also being a social media tool, so we are learning social media mechanics through information sharing on a social media platform. 

    • Chris Brogan

      Super happy to hear this. Explains what I need. 

  • Love Tumblr

    This wasn’t the default for Google+ when it first came out correct?

    If so, this is a powerful new feature, sharing in addition to SEO benefits… you’d have to be crazy to be a blogger and not be on Google+ in my opinion.

    • Chris Brogan

      Correct. This is new-ish. 

  • Leslie

    Thanks for providing some clarity, Chris. So, will you continue to use Twitter to share as well, or decide on a case-by-case basis which one is more appropriate, due to the difference in potential audiences? The latter seems most likely, but would add an extra step to think it through, especially if you have a lot of circles.

    • Chris Brogan

      I’m using both for now because they have different options. 

  • Traci

    Thanks for sharing.  I like the fact that you can bookmark things you want to read later.  Also, need to look into adding this button to our WordPress blog, since Google+ is continuing to gain popularity.

    • Chris Brogan

      Super definitely important to consider. 

  • Eric Lukazewski

    Thanks Chris. Been looking for a plugin like this since the code was released. Appreciate you sharing it with us.


    Chris para que vai servir está rede social ? As outas Já não são suficiente ?

    • Chris Brogan

      Acho que vai ser a próxima grande rede social.

  • Mcp Peg

    Chris, thanks for sharing! I’ve been wanting to add a +1 button to my website.

  • Ben Reed

    I use retweets tons more than any other sharing. I find that people on Facebook just don’t care as much what I share from other sites. They seem to be more focused on what’s going on in my life, and less on what’s got my attention in the moment (i.e., they wouldn’t care that I’m reading this blog, but my Twitter followers would).

    I’ve dabbled in +1-ing. Ready to dive in more. Thanks for the encouragement.

    • Chris Brogan

      Quite interesting. You’re probably right about a lot of people in that case. 

  • Margot Lester

    I RT/tweet stuff I like regularly, and am +1′ing more, too. I’m always surprised/gratified to see who follows me after I mention someone else’s stuff. It’s an interesting metric, but I’m not sure what to do with it!

    • Chris Brogan

      It’s showing that the right information brings you even more connections. Curation as currency. 

  • Jackie Coughlan

    Only cuz you said so :) 

    • Chris Brogan


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  • Malachy Coleman

    Great info.  Have been reading about your adventures in the Google+ trade and finally go my invite today.  So I am following in your tracks hoping to discover something similar to what you sounds so truely wonderful.

    • Chris Brogan

      Excellent! Hope you find it useful. : ) 

  • MicroSourcing

     Plus 1 impacts SEO  a great deal because it’s a Google product and is closely tied to the search engine.

  • Virtual Tour

    I just installed it on my blog, thanks for the useful tips!

  • Virtual Business Assistant

    Google + may potentially improve Google’s ads, and eventually may turn into a core social product that can expand in new directions.

    Online Business
    Virtual Assistant

  • Farnoosh

    I have the +1 on my social media sharing but I am still not a huge user of Google. I don’t get it. I adore Google. I almost worked there and moved to California. I love their products. I live and breathe by Gmail but I don’t get Google+ and I need to read your book, Chris. Anyway, a big yes to whether I share content I like and find useful; I know as a blogger and content producer, just how much that means.

  • socsqueez

    As a longtime StumbleUpon member, who is shattered by their  recent decision to trash all the creatively designed pages of the past 7 years and mourning the loss of community those memoirs created ~ mostly gentle, kind and caring communities ~ I fully attest to the joy one experiences in sharing one’s discoveries on the web, one’s sense of wonder and magic and curating a collection to tell a story in some way.  However, this experience with the owners of SU makes me even more reluctant to give away the rights to how my mind works to Google free and clear so that they can use it to build their code to increase their huge ad revenues.  I was an early joiner of +1 but maybe will dump it and say pay me if you want to use my brain.
    I dunno…

  • Henry Louis

    I personally think – It is yet to become the most powerful tool on the internet.

  • MikeSansone

    If sharing is caring (and it is), big THANKS for caring! You lead the league (by example) in sharing

  • emarketing

    We’ve been using G+1 since it debuted.  No really sure about the search ranking improvements yet, still monitoring it, but we do love the convenience. 

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  • Paul Wells

    Never considered circle of one bookmarking idea. This tip will definitely save time and help me actually read the things I intended to go back and look at.

  • Josh Sarz

    I’ve always had this slight feeling that the +1 button is going to be really hand when it comes to your page coming up in Google’s search. I’m not sure if that’s going on right now, though.

    • Anonymous

      I agree – if it isn’t affecting results yet, it is only a matter of time. 

  • Facebook Business Page

    Google+ now every time will make everything new.Everyone crazy about new Google+ things

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  • P V Ariel

    Good and informative piece.
    Yes, sharing is caring and a blessing too. :-)
    Let us share our blessings. :-)
    Best Regards

  • Lloyd Hester

    Google +1 button will make a big difference in the way we find things online. It definitely takes social networking to another level.

  • Mediaspot

    how do we add +1 google button in drupal?

  • Rageki777

    good information , I am going to put Google plus on my blog too.

  • Boldaxyl 300

     Great information… thanks for you review and tutorial about how to comment.

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