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I recently launched a new radio show, The Human Business Way. Only, it’s a podcast, and not on terrestrial or satellite radio. Wait. Podcasting is back?podcasting is back again

First, I should be clear: for a lot of people, podcasting never left. There are plenty of people who have been running shows since 2005 or so and are still going. But for the most part, it fell out of most people’s attention for a reason. It was too difficult for people to subscribe. If I were to sketch the way I see how podcasting went (and this is very subjective, it went like this):

  • 2004 – Podcasting launches. People like Dave Winer and Adam Curry are part of the soup of founding it. (This single bullet point can start wars.)
  • 2005 – Apple releases iTunes. (Around here is when Julien Smith starts his podcast, as an interesting side note.)
  • 2006 – I start my first podcast, and then later that year, Christopher S Penn and I found PodCamp, which changes my life.
  • 2007 – It seems videoblogging gets really hot and podcasting is still going.
  • 2008 – Podcasting feels like it’s either going somewhere or going to die. The mainstream gets into it big time, but mostly as an archival method.
  • 2009 – It feels like podcasting dies for the general public. (Thousands of people will now chime in and say how they were still going strong.)
  • 2010 – Ho hum.
  • 2011 – Spark. A glimmer. People seem to be getting back into it.
  • 2012 – Holy cats. Several people (lots of them comics or funny types) somehow start making better careers through podcasting. (Kevin Smith, Adam Carolla, Kevin Pollak, Marc Maron, etc).
  • 2013 – I’ve got a hunch.

And like I’ve said, this is very subjective, but I’m seeing a lot of traffic and interaction and heat and positive vibes around people’s podcasts. It seems like what’s changed is that the technology to listen to podcasts has become simple, the ubiquity of high bandwidth service is part of this, and the fact that we almost all have smartphones that are built to catch podcasts is at the heart of this, too.

Are You Listening to Any Podcasts?

Okay, first, you might be watching some. There are some great video shows out there these days, produced with almost as much hubbub as mainstream television. Leo Laporte and his army at Twit TV never stopped when they got started years and years ago, and they just keep expanding. There are plenty of video shows out there.

But there’s one reason I asked whether you’re listening. I believe that the audio medium is still really powerful. I think it’s because of how intimate it can feel. I believe there’s really something to be said for this and that you might find some great success in considering an audio show. For one, they’re a lot easier to produce. For another, they are a medium that can be consumed in a lot more ways and places than your typical video show. Also, I believe that people who might not feel confident enough to do video feel just fine in audio, and thus, we get to hear from a more diverse collection of voices.

Are you listening to any podcasts? What tools are you using? Are you using the iTunes podcast app? I’m pretty fond of the Downcast App and Stitcher radio, myself. But also, as I found out when publishing my new podcast, there’s still quite an active base of people using the Blackberry podcast network as well as the Zune (which evidently you can’t link to anymore, but it’s really still there!).

I’d love to hear who you’re listening to, whether you’re thinking about podcasting yourself in the coming year, what you like and don’t like about podcasts, etc.

Want to See How I Make MY Podcast?

There are lots of ways to do podcasting. Because my show is quite often an interview show, here’s how I do what I do most days.

Can’t see the video? Click Here.

And if you want to subscribe to my show, you can listen here via the player or:
Subscribe via Stitcher Radio (my favorite!)
Subscribe via iTunes
Subscribe on the Blackberry Network

If you leave a LINK in your comments, it’ll be flagged, so give me some time to unearth those, okay? : )

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  • http://twitter.com/Rocknrealty Nanette Labastida

    i just started and am now a junkie! listening currently to Rich Roll Podcast but i did suscribe to yours…great use of drive time

  • http://Aaronmchugh.com/ Aaron McHugh

    Chris. Appreciate your chronology of podcasting. I agree that access via smartphones and applications has made it easy to digest. Features like auto download new episodes puts your subscription on autopilot . Compound that with wireless anytime access and no cables to connect. Presto a new life span and adoption rate increase.
    I recently interviewed Jeff Ullrich, CEO of Earwolf Media, leading comedy podcast network.
    He comments on this shift as well.
    See http://www.aaronmchugh.com/category/podcast

  • Pamela D Hall

    I tried Stitcher a while back but deleted it when I wasn’t getting the news updates quickly enough. You have now given me a reason to give it another try. Perhaps it is more suitable to podcasts.

  • http://www.mynotetakingnerd.com/blog Lewis LaLanne – NoteTakingNerd

    I have a deep affection for connecting with mentors via just their voice.

    I this is primarily because I’m an information junkie who grew up at a time when audio cassette programs where super popular.

    It boggles my mind to think of how many hundreds of hours I must’ve spent (do spend) with Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Wayne Dyer, etc.

    And even though I’m a fiend for wisdom and insights, I don’t think I’ve listened to more than 20 podcasts in my entire life – most of the ones I’ve listened to being the incredible ones done by Dean Jackson and Joe Polish.

    It seems like I’ve got some prejudice against “Free Podcasts”.

    I know there’s value to be had by a select group of individuals out there but the delivery vehicle in my mind doesn’t command the respect that my Tony Robbins Cassette library does – where I want to collect and protect them and re-listen to them over and over again . . . even though some of the podcasts may very well offer even more valuable revelations.

    “Podcasts” are type-casted in my mind as being something akin to a radio show. Radio shows can be entertaining and enlightening but I don’t feel a sense of loss if I don’t hear one for a month – or ever. They’re the equivalent of throw away information . . . simply based on the package they are delivered in.

    There’s something in my head that says the order of the universe is that valuable audio information is chunked into a professional format with a professional structure and has a price tag stuck to it. And if someone isn’t willing to take the time to do this, they’re not a professional or they’re too scared or too disorganized to do so.

    I don’t have this as much with writing though. I think this may be because I know good writing is a hard won skillful art. Freely associating into the mic filling up 30-40 minutes of air just talking without an outcome, isn’t. And I know not everyone approaches podcasting this way, but I’d bet green money that 80-95% do. Pareto’s Principle governs in all segments of society.

    I realize that my thinking is not right or wrong. I don’t delude myself into believing my way is the right way because in this realm, I don’t believe there is right and wrong. There is only perspective and at best, we can only have a partial perspective.

    That being said, it is my belief that if marketers are indeed delivering high value content via free audio, that they AND their listener would be best served by re-packaging, re-wording, re-positioning what they refer to it as so that their content is cherished and collected and revisited.

    Perception is everything to the market place.

    One of my favorite examples of this is how Frank Kern and Jeff Walker sold millions upon millions of dollars of copywriting courses – Mass Control and Product Launch Formula – by never calling them copywriting courses which 80% of those courses are. Hardly any business owner wants copywriting instruction but every single one of them welcomes a money-getting system that spews cash out the other end.

    Copywriting course vs. money-getting system. Simple yet profound.

    Podcast vs. ___________. I don’t know in my mind what this alternate positioning would be for free audio content that would lead to people valuing the information 10x more, but I do trust there is one.

    At this point in my life I’m embracing the idea of not buying into any idea/belief more than 50% because there’s always two sides, no matter how thin you slice it. So I realize I might have my head up my ass but I’d shove 50% of my stack at the idea that when someone figures out how go beyond the “Podcasting – I could take it or leave it and not be affected adversely” paradigm, they’re going to move the market in their favor.

    I’ve got a lot of love for you Chris. I won’t sit here and say I love you, but I’ve got nothing but lot of love for you. I intuit that you know the difference. You’re a very hard guy not to like based on how giving you are and I wish you massive and continual success with all the tactics you implement. :)

  • press release writing

    Another reason that podcasting is more accessible now is that the necessary components, a web cam and microphone, are now a standard part of PC configurations, making it simple to create new material from your home or office. The software for producing audio presentations has also become much more user friendly and there are new, free Open Source platforms coming out regularly that allow users to create professional quality podcasts. As with many things on the web, podcasting has just taken some time to become part of the mainstream.

  • http://www.theskooloflife.com Srinivas Rao

    Considering how your predictions usually turn out, I’m glad I started about 3 years ago. ONe podcast I didn’t seem mentioned in the comments was Seth Godin’s startup School Podcast produced by the guys at Earwolf. Definitely worth listening to

  • David Siteman Garland

    Chris – You are the man, my man. Interesting fun fact (coming this Wednesday on my show) Seth Godin reveals his source for inspiration is no longer from business books (or non-business books) but from podcasts. I prefer the words, Web Show, but hey same thing :)

  • Carol Dodsley

    Great article and so true that people love video but also lots of people are on the move and want to listen to interviews and useful info via a podcast too – I will be re-purposing all of my expert interviews and online TV shows and creating podcasts with them too – as well as articles and blogs from some of them (or rather turning lots of articles and blogs into podcasts)

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  • http://twitter.com/JobLure John Peltier

    I listen to podcasts now more than ever, because of my recent phone upgrade and because it fills commute time well. I rarely watch video blogs – although I’m watching a couple. Thinking about doing some video blogging in 2013 as an experiment.

  • http://www.secretsushi.com/ Adam Helweh

    I feel the same. I’m seeing a resurgence of podcasts. Additionally, syndicating to YouTube has also been a good strategic discovery point for audio podcasters that can supplement their audio with good supporting still images. That’s what we do. My cohost and I started The SoLoMo Show Podcast discussing social, local & mobile marketing and advertising in January of 2021. 50 shows in the can so far and looking forward to 2013. One of the biggest benefits I see in podcasting is that it creates a regular reason each week for me to really think about the topics I cover. I learn a lot faster and think differently about the content we prepare each week because I’m even more focused on being able to articulate it and communicate it in a valuable way to our audience. Couple that with the research done to bring fresh and current content to the show and our podcast becomes a weekly reason to keep my mind open and thinking on the topics we cover. This helps even beyond the show, while doing client work.

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  • martin shervington

    Perfect Chris!
    I shall be getting started on this and checking out Stitcher asap (as you suggested) as well :D

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  • http://www.facebook.com/scottwayres Scott Ayres

    @chrisbrogan:disqus What was your earlier podcast? Back in 2006?

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  • http://www.changeagents.ie/ Paul O’Mahony

    I’ve just read one of @chrisbrogan:disqus OMFG posts – it highlighted podcasting as worth considering as part of your media empire. It’s good to be reminded of this blogpost and all the comments by people who (like me) are keen on podcasting. This is a great place meet people.

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