Recipes for the Modern Business

bento box Sometimes, things move so fast in a blog that you might not catch the larger story arc. I write a new post every day (sometimes more than one a day), so that doesn’t help you, either. Over the last several days, I put together a lot of posts that I think give you ingredients for your own pursuits. That’s what I do here: give it away so that you can do something with it. I thought I’d go back over a handful of the most recent posts and show you what I mean.

Recipes for the Modern Business

Evaluating Your Business Ideas – I wrote this as a helpful way to think about your new business ideas. I was hoping it would stir up some good counterbalance to your enthusiastic plans. Read the comments for added benefits.

How to Compete – Along with the above-mentioned post, this gives you a chance to think further about how you’ll differentiate your business, and how you can bring your idea to the fore in a busy, attention-starved world.

5 Things Small Business Owners Should Do Today Online – This might help you as a consultant, or it might help you realize what I think has to go in place when you launch a new business today, should you feel a social media footprint is required. I would do these steps for most any business of my own that I launched.

The Building Blocks of Social Media for Business – These are the core elements of what I believe a company might consider before starting into social media, and there are some ideas here not covered by the previous post.

Community Can Be SO Powerful – To me, community is how you can do it all. You might not be able to launch the product or company or service with a built-in community, but you can rely on your community to help the idea launch and grow. Have you built a strong series of relationships and a group of eager participants? If not, start now.

Driving to Sales – Over the coming months and into next year, one of the things I’ll tackle a lot more on my blog and in my writing is sales for the new world. There are many better salespeople out there, and I’ll refer to them frequently (as their advice is definite gold). My thoughts will help frame how I think human business works with regards to sales.

That’s One Recipe

I’ve written this blog for YEARS. You can find tons of information here, if you want to dig a bit. Want some hints how to best use the site?

  • Subscribe to my blog to get it sent to you free daily, so you don’t have to remember to come back.
  • Search on tags by typing something like “” into the URL bar up top. Replace “twitter” for whatever else you want to know if I’ve written about (one word).
  • Check out my Best Of page, which has dozens and dozens of posts and all kinds of juicy how-to information.

And if that doesn’t solve it all, many people who comment regularly on this blog are consultants who will gladly help you with your business. I will work with you if you’re a larger organization (via my New Marketing Labs company. There are tons and tons of helpful folk here.

These recipes are for you to create from the ingredients I share daily. I hope you’re making delicious treats and filling meals. I’m not writing them for myself, you know.

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  • denisetaylor

    Another excellent post Chris. I found it very helpful in this busy world to have the stuff you've recently blogged brought together in this way. Brilliant idea! Well done.

  • Mistress Mia

    Now that post was a “fry up” that doesn't make one feel like they have been eating left overs.

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  • Blake @ Props Blog

    I'm new to the site, and I feel like I have so much to catch up on. There just isn't enough time in the day to get through everything. Thanks for pointing out specific posts worth checking out.

  • Lydia Barry Kutko

    Glad you directed me to the Best Of. I am a one-stop-shop type woman and like to have all the can't-live-w/out information in one simple place.

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  • Jamie Favreau

    I have learned I struggle with the sales part. I can let everyone and their brother know about the event but actually getting people to sign up and everything. Which is the hard thing.

  • Chris Brogan

    That's all there is. It teaches you the gap between interest and execution.

  • nancy @ Princeton Cryo LLC

    How about adding “preparing business plan” in the list?

  • dining table

    Thanks for the post! it was great and I it would be very helpful to many!

  • Allen Mireles

    Good Morning Chris,
    This post provides so much value. Thank you. I meet later this morning with a prospective client who is eyeing…considering…thinking about…(petrified of) getting involved with social media. Being able to point them to your post, with it's menu of information that addresses so many of the things they are wondering about, helps me help them.

    So often I read your posts and don't comment because it feels like everyone else has said it first and said it better. This time I'm jumping in, however. Just 'cause.

    Thanks for adding value and setting the bar really high for the rest of us. ;)

  • dangabriel

    It's great to read a point based article – easy to follow – quick and efficient.

    Dan Gabriel

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  • Wonderbra

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  • Scott Edward Walker

    Hey Chris – very solid posts. Indeed, I just stumbled-upon your blog via Neil Patel's recent tweet (Neil is one of the smartest guys out there). I am a corporate attorney, and I just started studying and experimenting with social media marketing; seems like you've hit all the key issues right on the head – nice going. I just started a blog providing help to entrepreneurs from the legal side. Was curious what you thought about my use of videos (see, e.g., It may be a bit too promotional, but I've been getting some good feedback. Any input would be most appreciated. Thank you – and keep up the great work.


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  • Lilly

    Really useful article for busy people, love reading intereating blogs

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