Review Saddleback Leather Bags

The nice folks at Saddleback Leather (not an affiliate link) sent me two different bags of theirs to review. I shot a video review for you. If you can’t see it, click here. The bags I looked at were the messenger bag and the leather briefcase, both in dark coffee color. These bags are gorgeous, and I really love the quality of the leather. My only ding on the product is that they’re heavy. They’re leather instead of nylon, so you should expect that, but if you aren’t thinking about the weight, these bags add to the weight you’re carrying.

That said, they’re gorgeous. Watch the video:

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  • Paul Flanigan

    I have known about this company for about three years. I have two items that I have decided will be rewards to myself should I achieve a certain measure of success. One is a Tag Heuer watch, the other is a Saddleback Bag. This video has made me just want to reach my goal sooner. Great review.

  • Lantz Howard

    “The kind of bag you give to somebody.” CB ummm…Do you want to give it to someone? Just a shot in the dark, right? I have there wallet and LOVE it, being a youth minister that is about all I can afford. The bags look awesome.

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  • Anonymous

    love love love the messenger bag!! oh love it! a Texas girl digs a Texas bag!

  • Jody Urquhart

    Nice. Does it come in leopard print? I will pass the link on. My trusty leather travel bag is my road warrior. It has been through a lot.

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  • clips4sale

    Those look amazing. They look more sturdy and durable than most other bags out there. Now I just have to figure out a subtle way to suggest one of these to my girlfriend as my b-day present.

  • EuropeanBuzz

    Nice bags! I think your review overloaded their website! I get an error when trying to access it :)

  • Cindy King

    Chris, I just gave one of their wallets as a present, (first purchase from them!) and you can tell how fantastic the quality is. Their site is now bookmarked in my “ideas for presents” file. (My daughter in university wants the big one you reviewed here to carry her school books around… but I’m not sure about the weight. And my other daughter would love their big tote bag.)

    Another thing I REALLY TRULY love is their marketing. The video they have of the “make up” case while on some sort of safari trip is EXCELLENT! Plus I love all the attention to details they put into everything, not only how they make their products and the quality, but also how they share their charity work, and all of the little extras they put into their communication with me at all levels.

    It feels good buying from them and makes you everyone you buy from gave you that same experience. You could make a good marketing lesson by just reviewing the buyer experience.

  • Albert D. Melfo

    I have the medium briefcase. Love it. Like Chris says, it is heavy, but it is “serious gear.”

    Now, what do *I* have to do to get Saddleback to send products to me for review?? Love the bags, but all customers should be created equal, Dave.

  • Scott Kantner

    I’ve been using their standard briefcase for over a year. This is the only bag I have ever owned that can handle the (ab)use that I have to put a bag through, and, it stays great looking no matter what. It fits under a plane seat (in coach no less) just fine. I carry my 17″ MacBook Pro in it daily, along with an iPad, file folders, and all the power cord/USB paraphernalia that goes with Apple gear.

    Yes, it’s heavy – probably a 1/4 steer’s worth of leather, and it cost A LOT, but I doubt I’ll ever have to buy another bag. Ever.


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  • Cathy

    I can smell the leather. Will definitely check them out. Thanks for the review.

  • Virtual office assistant

    Wanted to get one for myself and was not sure if it would work out for me. Thanks for the video and now i can go and buy one.Thanks Chris!

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  • Rick Noel, eBiz ROI, Inc.

    Gorgeous bags. I checked out their website as a result of watching your video review and their website is as nice as their bags! Great design and apparently not at the expense of search engine performance (#1 for leather bags, leather luggage, leather bags for men, etc.) These guys not only top quality leather bags, they get digital marketing.

    Now I am getting in the back of the long line of those looking to get on their product reviewer list ;-)

  • hobby article directory

    Chris can you send me one bag for free as sample…..just kidding buddy ,
    nice video thanks…………..

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  • Sathyam

    I am using this Saddle back Leather Bag for a longer time and I found
    that it is exclusively stylish and fashionable. I got the opportunity to use
    such a great product and very happy. I have also advised this to some of my
    friends to use this
    Saddle back Leather Bag so that they can avoid buying the Saddle back Leather Bag every month. Now I can carry all the important documents
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  • Guy

    I bought an underpriced Lg of their basic “briefcase,” from a college kid on Craigslist, fliped it on ebay, and plowed my profit into a new XL in Chestnut.  I’ve had it about a year and a half.  While I haven’t tossed it into a gorilla’s cage at the zoo (am I dating myself with that reference?), it appears to be, for all practical purposes, indestructible.

    Furthrmore, the claim they look better as they wear isn’t marketing hype.  It looks better than the day I bought it as it developes a little “charactor.”  However, fair warning: if you want some prissy little briefcase to carry around the minutes from your last meeting of the wine and cheese club, this probably isn’t your bag.  This bag is serious business and looks it.  And, yes, it is heavy.  And some may find that the straps and hardware isn’t their cup of tea. But, if you like that look, you will never buy another one. 

    Also, I bought a large size wallet and keep it overstuffed with junk.  I’m hard on wallets and I use this one every day.  It has held up great and hasn’t popped a stitch.

    The looks and durability of the leather they have used in my bag and wallet are of the highest quality.  At this rate, both will outlive me.  They are pretty proud of their stuff, though, and charge accordingly.  I would suggest looking around for a lightly used one on the ‘bay or look at their own list of items reduced in price on thir web site.  Whatever, after you swallow hard and make your purchase, you’ll never complain about the price once you start using it.

    It’s one of the few products out there, in my opinion, that actually lives up to the hype.

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    Nice video CHris thank you for sharing