Some Days It Looks Like I’m Not Working

frog on my head But I am. When I’m carrying on a few conversations in Twitter, I’m also working through business deliverables. When I’m posting links to things, that’s also work. When I’m commenting on blog posts, yep, that’s work, too.

No, I don’t have time to chat, even though my tweets seem conversational. No, I’m not able to take a quick phone call.

I’m multithreading. I know it looks like I’m just tweeting to tweet, or adding comments or facebooking or any of the other things we do in social media, but I’m also doing my job.

Tweeting is part of my job.

I’ll always connect when I’ve a moment. You’re just as important as ever.

Please just understand that work looks a lot different from my desk than yours some days. runs on the Genesis Framework

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  • Daria Steigman

    Chris–Very good point. I lost several “friends” shortly after I started my business because they didn't understand (and didn't want to understand) the workshifting schedule. I think some of this flows from that traditional office expectation that if they don't understand how you're working, you're not being productive. So old school.

    By the way, I love the concept of multi-threading. I may have to borrow it one of these days.

  • Carol Cooper-Taylor

    Hi Chris
    Have a look at your ads in your RSS. As a woman I find Zoosk's ads offensive.

  • chitosan

    I believe regular posting comments on blogs give extra visibility to the search engine. It will be easy for spiders to find your website and improves in SERP ranking as well.

  • Kym Klass

    True. Ever since I added my Twitter site to the end of my weekly running column, I consider Twitter part of my job. I don't feel guilty updating my status, replying to others, etc. while at work. TweetDeck is part of my every day in the newsroom. Often, editors don't understand why we Facebook or Twitter. What they sometimes don't realize is the amount of news tips we pick up from simple status updates (lay offs, especially).

  • TimeforLifeVA

    Very true Chris and part of the phenomenon and mastery of being an entrepreneur. Thanks for your post.

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  • gerardmclean

    Poke polar bears is just darn funny. Made me laugh this morning and I don't even get paid to laugh, though I am open to the idea :-)

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  • yuregininsesi

    I'm curious as to why you even need to justify this? Commenting on blogs is definitely a valid part of work at this point, so is interacting in social media sites, if that's what you do…which it is.

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  • gucci sukey large tote

    Just like tuning forks are used to determine if one is hitting the right keys, the tuning forks in this case are the set of criteria people use to assess if your business is worthy of investing their dollar. The market will determine if you’re hitting the right notes.

  • Davidcharlesparker

    Sadly I think that we are nearly always working whether we are actualy being paid for it or not. Our minds and brains are very complex and even when we are sleeping we are churning items over and wake up with new ideas or answers to quandries.

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