The Strange Nature of Lists

Chris Brogan I was named one of the Top 50 Leadership and Management Experts according to Inc magazine the other day. The list is rather impressive and filled with people I admire a great deal. People like Tom Peters and Richard Branson and with friends like Guy Kawasaki and Steve Farber and many more. It’s an honor, and yet, it’s important to try never to be swayed by lists of this nature, as well.

Lists Serve Their Makers More Than the Recipients

While my ego is really thrilled to be even seen in the same breath as those people who are above the list, it’s also worth nothing that people like Bill Gates didn’t make the list. Bill not a leader? He changed the whole damned world (save your hate. He did change it, and is doing even more with his foundation with Melinda Gates). Many other amazing leaders missed the cutoff, friends like Charles H. Green, who has led huge movements for years. And because of that, it’s easy to know that the list serves a purpose, but isn’t something I should dwell on for especially long.

And Yet, Take the Accolades if You Want, Because I Will

I’ll accept and appreciate my spot on the list because I do work hard to help with leadership and management ideas. As an advisor and business strategist, I’ve worked hard to help companies and owners of all sizes figure out their way forward and through their challenges. My latest book is about leadership. So yes, I’ll accept it and be grateful.

But I’m still working hard and won’t stop until I’m on the list I most want to occupy: “People Who Equipped Me For Success,” and only you can write that list. runs on the Genesis Framework

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  • sespring

    Congratulations Chris!

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  • Suzanne Bird-Harris

    Congratulations! And – mission accomplished, Chris. You made MY “People Who Equipped Me for Success” list. Also my “People Who Continue to Equip Me for Success” list. Thanks.

  • Jeff Goins

    Congrats, Chris! You made my “Person Who Takes More Selfies Than Anyone Else I Know” list. It’s pretty exclusive. You should be proud.

  • Milos

    Congratulations! I wholeheartedly agree with the list assessment and creation process and subjectivity, but in your case (and several other cases) the author was spot on.

  • ShaneEasterigg321

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  • laineyd7

    Congrats on making the list, Chris! I understand your rationale for taking all such lists with a grain of salt (not including Bill Gates is a glaring error) however, I think the point should be: there are many thought-leaders in the business community at large, and here are some great ones. Your experience may vary. My list is called” People who continue to produce great usable ideas to help me be a better human being and business-person.” You’re on it. Mr. Branson is, too. As is my current boss at Nordstrom, Stefanie Wyss. Keep going, Chris, you’re doing good things…

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  • Jeff Korhan

    Congratulations Chris. The criteria for compiling the list is interesting. For example, giving more weight to blog reputation than celebrity status.

  • Chandler Crawford

    First of all: that’s awesome, and you should be proud. I really like your take on the lists. It’s easy for someone just starting out and building their “platform” to get wrapped around the idea of being seen as an “expert”. But I couldn’t agree more, and it’s a good reminder, that the list is only as good as it pushes one to continue to get better.

    Thanks for the thoughts!

  • Mari Smith

    @chrisbrogan:disqus — awesome post. I love every word you wrote, couldn’t agree more … especially that last line. Mwwuah!! :-*

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