Third Tribe is Live

third tribe I’m pretty excited that the Third Tribe Marketing project is now officially open for members. We did a soft launch a few days ago, and nothing big broke, so now we’re ready to talk about it. What’s it about? Here’s the story.

What Third Tribe is About

It all started because of something Seth Godin said to Brian Clark (copyblogger) about marketing. Brian had written about an internet marketer type (the yellow highlighter kind) and Seth had asked which side of that kind of marketing Brian was on, as if there were two tribes: touchy feely on one side and harsh yellow highlighter on the other. Brian’s response was that he was in neither camp, and that’s where the basic seed of “third tribe” came from.

We chatted about it on the phone, and then Brian checked in with Darren Rowse (problogger), and then we all conferred with Sonia Simone (remarkable communications), and the idea came about to offer a private membership forum and information/education place to share openly about internet marketing strategies, tactics, and ideas.

That’s basically what we talk about inside the third tribe site.

(Oh, for those of you who just want to know how much, we’re doing an introductory rate of $27 USD a month for charter members, which will be your price if you buy it before Friday, February 5th [around 6PM CT]. After that, it goes up to $47 USD a month.) Want some?

Not For Everyone

What we’re covering in there is basically the “how you can do better internet marketing” stuff. It’s not about affiliate marketing per se. It’s not about “make money online” stuff per se, though some of the third tribers talk about that. But it’s definitely a place to learn and talk about what we’ve figured out works in the internet marketing place.

Because of who’s there, there are all kinds of perspectives. Darren makes his money one way. Brian does it a totally different way. Me? I’m even more different than both of them, and so we’re also learning from each other through this sharing process.

It might not be for you, and that’s just fine.

Who Else is There?

We’ve already got some great folks you might know like John Jantsch, Leo Babauta, Pam Slim, Naomi Dunford, Johnny Truant, Chris Garrett, Dave Navarro, Jonathan Fields, Hugh MacLeod, Laura Roeder, Mark McGuinness, Chris Pearson, Aaron Wall, and there are more that I’m probably missing.

Again, this stuff’s about marketing and what’s worked for us and what hasn’t. It’s been fun hearing from people in the forums sections, and I’m learning every bit as much as I’m sharing. That’s what I’m enjoying the most so far: the interactions. Yeah, there’s all this educational content that’s hopefully useful, including audio programs, worksheets, things like that. But me personally? I’m really digging the interactions in the forums.

If This Sound Good to You

I’m pretty happy about this project. I like working with Brian and Darren and Sonia, and I’m loving what I’m learning from the other folks who’ve already started in on the forums. If you want to talk privately about internet marketing and what we’re finding that works and what doesn’t, then consider joining the Third Tribe. If not, don’t worry. I’m still doing my thing here at [].

How This Fits With Everything Else I Do

I’m still happily the president of New Marketing Labs. I’m still writing here at []. I’m still doing the stuff I’m doing. This was just a way to offer some ideas, insights, and interaction with people who wanted to get deep into online marketing. And no, this isn’t the education project I talked about in my newsletter. That’s still forthcoming.

For the Naysayers

Any time I talk about money, I get a bunch of emails telling me that I’ve jumped the shark or that I’m a sellout. I did when we published Trust Agents. I did when I took my first affiliate ad for Thesis. I’ll just say my part about this up front, and you can blog whatever about it elsewhere.

The reason for building a membership forum site is that we can share information that we use for our businesses. It’s not what we want to post on our blogs. It’s something people are paying to learn and hopefully use for their own business efforts, and because of that, we think it’s of value. Don’t want it? Don’t buy it. I do plenty for free, and that’s still useful, too.

It’s not for everyone. It’s for those who want to step up their online marketing game.

Get On Board

The Third Tribe Marketing site is a paid membership site. If you sign up before February 5th at 6PM (Central Time – GMT -6), the cost is $27 USD a month. If you sign up next week, the cost jumps to $47 a month. The early bird and all that.

I hope you join. I’m really excited about what’s going on there. Frankly, I haven’t been active on any kind of message board/forum in a long while, and it was kind of fun to revisit the feeling of threaded forum conversations where everyone’s voice matters.

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  • Mark Essel

    Sounds kind of interesting. Does the 27/month cover information like specific marketing feedback for startups Chris? I'm working hard on discovering a compelling reason for new and return users to visit our site I'm a strong believer in the power of communities. A fanatic community of even 10 people could help drive us forward with invaluable usage information, customization features, and word of mouth “natural” marketing.

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  • beley

    FINALLY made my way over there to join. Thanks for the great community… looking forward to learning and contributing where I can!

  • LyndaMorris

    Chris (and all the others)

    I just want to say congrats, and I for one hope you DO make some money from it. Where we ever got the idea that we can continuously pick people's brains of all the knowledge they have from years of hard work is something that continues to amaze me. I do believe you should give stuff away for free that is valuable, but to a point.

    We have a wonderful lady in our city who does debt counseling and she is know to say “If the business isn't paying you a decent living, you don't have a business, you have a hobby”

  • julito77

    Best of luck with this. It is a great idea and you guys will do great, of that is no doubt.

  • zenaweist

    Jumping in to Third Tribe for community sourcing…looking forward to the big share.

  • Ann Kingman

    Yep, I joined. I was just too curious not to. For me $27 is low enough to satisfy my curiosity. Plus, if I ran into Chris or Darren or Brian somewhere (I don't know Sonia), I would happily buy them a drink as a token of the value I've gotten from their blogs over the past two years. I figure $27 adds up to a drink for each of them, and one for me.

  • Jens P. Berget

    I joined a few days ago, and I'm really looking forward to what I'm going to learn. The reason I joined was because of you guys, I've learned so much just by reading your blogs.

    I have been a member of many different sites and systems, and none of them, well, maybe except for Blog Mastermind, was interesting enough to keep me as a member.

    Now, I'm excited. I've read the transcripts from the first seminar (with Johnny B. Truant) and I really enjoyed it. When people like you, Darren, Brian and Sonia team up for something like this, I had no choice than to join :-)

  • Rich Harris

    Chris – I've been wanted to say (type?) this to you for a long time. You are doing good things and have a legitimate career driven by hard work and experience and an open mind.

    I hear you..errr..have read…you reference yourself being called a 'sell out' by peers and I can tell it bugs you, understandably, and probably pisses you off. That crap gets old, especially if you are genuine and you've busted your ass.

    I'm not Muslim but I really liked a tweet from a Quran/quote twitter account that said this: “Silence is the best way to respond to a fool.”

    What makes those that criticize you and your success fools is that if you know in your heart you've done all of this for the right reasons with the right intentions, you are all good. If that is the case, I'd make it a point moving forward to not acknowledge the toxicity and continue doing what you do which is share and learn. Every moment someone spends criticizing and dogging others in the social media/business space, is a moment lost that they should've spent contributing something useful and positive to this big beast we are all trying to figure out together.

    Glad to hear about Third Tribe and seeing what comes of it.


  • David Siegel

    I just learned about it this evening, after 6pm but before midnight. I was on board at $27, but now it's $47. I can afford it, but I'm not willing to try it at that price. I'm committed to too many online communities as it is. The time is worth more than the money, but the non-introductory price is too steep to get me introduced.

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  • Sarah Arrow

    omg, I have just doubled my comment count… (well I did say I'd join in).

    Re the naysayers, there will always be naysayers. I recently launched a blog and was told that it was “the Guardian lite”, yet it's had 10,000 unique visits in it's first month.

    I am sure you don't write for the naysayers, or the sycophants or the in the middles, I am sure you write for you and what you gain from it, and if in creating the Third tribe (of which I am a member) you can continue to write and share as much as you do the naysayers should be grateful :)

    But then you know this already….

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  • susan

    it is so good for me now and i will learn it so much more better news.

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  • Will Franco

    Your posts are a constant source of wisdom, motivation, and goodwill toward all. Third Tribe does seems cool, but I would rather join the Chris Brogan Tribe.

    Here is a cryptic WHY:

    I am known to use Richard Branson w/ Donald Trump as examples of polar opposites. [take away their money and who do you still respect?]

    Fittingly, I have also started to do the same w/ Chris Brogan and Guy Kawasaki. [take away their blogs and who would have the most loyal following?]

    I want to learn how to NOT sell-out, as history tells me it is far to easy to do. Just as importantly, I want to learn more about the pure form of marketing, which you epitomize.

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  • ziwuxun123

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  • 58twelve

    I just joined. Excited to see where it may lead!

  • ray ban wayfarer

    You gals do that so well! Your site is always an encouraging place.

  • yuregininsesi

    I just learned about it this evening, after 6pm but before midnight. I was on board at $27, but now it's $47. I can afford it, but I'm not willing to try it at that price. I'm committed to too many online communities as it is. The time is worth more than the money, but the non-introductory price is too steep to get me introduced.