Turn Twitter’s Follow Friday in Blog Traffic

Talk about an “inside baseball” blog post, we’re going to talk about “follow Friday,” a project that Micah Baldwin started a year or so ago to get new people introduced into social circles on Twitter. Follow Friday has become a bit of a mess to look at on Twitter, because every Friday, many people start posting 140 characters worth of names of people they feel you might benefit from knowing.

My idea: turn Follow Friday into a single tweet with a link to a blog post of the people you think others should follow.

It solves two problems: It gives you more than 140 to talk about the people you recommend, and it also cleans up Twitter so that we don’t watch a stream of @someoneawesome names rushing by all day.

You with me?

Here are some people from my list (and just a few to get the game going):

@Ed – Ed Shahzade is part of the glue of Twitter. He’s a connector and a do-er. He helps people all the time.

@MayhemStudios – Calvin Lee is a great source of information. He scours twitter quite often to find the good stuff and share it out. I learn something from him all the time.

@donmilleris – Don Miller is one of my current author crushes, and he wrote A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, one of my top 2 books for 2010.

@badbanana – Tim Siedell is just plain funny. I love his sense of humor, and he’s totally worth it.

@lmarconi – Lucia Marconi had the guts to tell me she thought I was being a bit egotistical lately, and that she liked my ideas, but sometimes felt put off by my ego. She then wrote a great blog post telling me more ideas. And we had a great back and forth on Twitter. I’m grateful. I can get but-kissing all day long, but she had a constructive, real, solid, non-jealous criticism, and I needed to hear it. Thanks, Lucia.

There you go. That’s a list. It’s just a starter. Make your own. Find the good people. Find people who need the attention. Find people who matter to you. Share the locals. Use public Twitter lists (if the lists are not judgment-based, such as “smart people”).

Promote others. It really does help the system.

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  • barneyausten

    Going for week 2 on this Chris. Not much response week 1, but then I forgot to put the #ff in on the tweet :). We'll see what happens.

  • http://www.billwatkins.biz/ Bill Watkins

    I gotta say, Chris, I really like this article and I'm referring back to it now. I'm implementing myself on my blog site so I'm not sending out multiple tweets just for the sake of Follow Friday.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  • HelenRappy

    I just love this post and have shared it more then a few times on my twitter feed. I just wrote a post sharing your awesaome idea! A friend @ToddTemaat expanded your idea to include an actual post where you spotlight a few top blogs and friends to follow and I tried it out. I'd love your feedback Chris? The blog post is at http://budurl.com/FF01

    Thanks for amazing inspiration!! Keep up the great work!!

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  • http://twitter.com/AlFerretti Al Ferretti

    You've keep it simple and added a humble touch Chris.

    I hope to be half as good as you on my best day :-)

    Thanks for sharing this post


  • http://dbbradle.wordpress.com/ dbbradle

    I'm with you on this, Chris. It's all about the gift economy on Twitter.

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  • tedbilich

    Chris, I agree that the #ff phenomenon makes Fridays a bit of a pain on Twitter. Maybe if there were unspoken “rules”: pick a total of two people, and fit the “why” in the tweet?

    By the way, I've been trying to figure out a metaphor for Twitter. I think College Music Station from the '80s is best right now. There's a really interesting discussion of this in the comments to one of my blog posts (here – http://tinyurl.com/28xhnh5). It'd be great if you contributed your thoughts.


  • http://www.naturalk9supplies.com/Dog-Food/merrick-before-grain-chicken-.aspx Merrick Before GrainChickenDog

    I usually skip all the Follow Friday tweets in my stream because it's just a messy list of names that doesn't tell me anything about why I should follow them.

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  • http://www.yuregininsesi.com yuregininsesi

    Follow Friday has become a bit of a mess to look at on Twitter, because every Friday, many people start posting 140 characters worth of names of people they feel you might benefit from knowing. If social media is still about giving, this is one good way to do it. If it's real and sincere.

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  • http://www.stagweekends.co.uk stag activities

    Thank you for including me Aaron! I'm so humbled to be on this list! Truly. I have learned a lot from you also. I'm so happy to know you and follow you. You are a wonderful example of Twitter kindness, everyday. You are such a special person to so many people and the Twitterverse wouldn't be the same without you.

  • http://www.natalielouise.com.au Nat

    love this idea!! FF can get congested and time consuming but this is fabulous, thank you

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