What Has Your Attention

It dawned on me that the things on our screen are rarely the things that make us money. I shot a quick video about it, to talk about productivity, time management, and what might be holding us back. If you can’t see a video below, click here.

Get Your Own Attention

Get out a piece of paper, some post-it notes, some whatever. Write down the #1 thing you should be doing for your business. Write also the #2 and #3 things. Then, maybe one or two personal things. Make those 5 things the CENTRAL TARGET of your eyeballs as often as possible. Use more than one poster if that helps.

Make the thing REALLY obvious and useful.

“Write 1000 more words.”
“Get up for a 20 minute walk.”
“Make 10 calls.”
“Find 20 new leads.”

Whatever it is. Write it down. Get your attention back. The time is now.

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  • http://mattreport.com Matt Medeiros

    Here’s what I liked about this video:

    1. You were passionate.
    2. You gave us examples (i.e. post-it notes)
    3. You are driving us to focus in on what helps us grow.

    It’s tough to balance the necessary evil of “work” – responding to customer questions, proposals, project management, etc – with the actual brainstorming of new product and service ideas.

    My money maker – my moleskine notebook with sketches of new ideas, workflows, and brainstorms.

  • http://www.online-business-virtual-assistant.com/ Virtual office assistant

    Great video. Loved watching it. Some times we tend to go out of our way and this post of urs really will help them to get back to grow the business.

  • Katrina

    I’m looking at the reminders Chris has written himself. Is that 104 wines or 104 wings? . . . a pair of wings a week for a year. I’m reminded of Mary Poppins’ ‘Let’s Go Fly a Kite’: “For a pittance of paper and string you can have your own set of wings . . . ” It is good to hear it’s OK to close down the internet all morning, if there’s something you need to get done. I’ve been insulating myself with polystyrene emails too long. We all become puppets to the strings of somebody else’s tune. This man is suggesting we make our own percussion. I like the sound.

  • RAspinwall

    It looks like it says 10cent Wings @Katrina. So obviously Chris’ attention is on getting a good wing deal! I always appreciate that you try to make us better in our personal and professional lives. How do you have so much time to help other people, while running your own business, AND eating all those $0.10 wings? This was very helpful as I am having a hard time on focusing on anything lately. I can’t keep anything straight, and I will definitely take your advice. I also love the integration of the video blog.

  • Anonymous

    Love this Vlog! It was straight to the point and honest. Thanks!

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  • T Capaldo

    It seems so obvious, but it’s a point that’s easy to miss.
    Thank you for highlighting the importance of focusing on central target goals.
    It’s so easy to get caught up in wasting time on line, and I really heard your message, loud and clear.

    I am learning so much here.
    Many thanks Chris.