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Lots of people use these days as throwaway days. Don’t. The time between now and the new year is a PERFECT time to get bigger things launched. Everyone else has let up on the pressure. The outside world is taking a breath. Do some stealth stuff. Do some bigger launch stuff. Work on some bigger-than-the-average-day stuff. Don’t phone it in.

Work now while they’re coasting.

Yes, see your family. Yes, take measure of where you’ve been. Yes, do everything in your power to realign and rethink what you’ve done and put it in terms of where you’re going next.

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  • Anonymous

    I totally agree! People waste precious hours like these cruising facebook and scouring the tv for something to occupy their attention. This is prime work time! Excellent post!

  • Ketan Rindani

    I recall having read a similar post from someone a year or two ago – it dealt with using the first 2-3 months of the New Year to your advantage while others are still warming up. Never took it seriously. Would have achieved far more had I taken the advice and lived it. Good post – at the right time (hardly any tweets on Hootsuite – people seem to be really “throwing it away!”).

  • GaryBloomer

    Chris, I’m in the middle of moving house at the moment: the truck arrives tomorrow. But, I’ve taken time in the last few days to look at niches for 2011, to research possibilities, to sketch out directions. And all while packing up an entire house. Focus, people: priorities. Allocate time in chunks and things get done. Coast along because it’s “the holidays” and when the new year rolls in you’re likely to run out of steam. Plan now.

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  • Carrie Wilkerson

    Love it – Love the Post – Love the Discussion

    I’m on a cruise ship and getting more done WHILE hanging with my family during this week than I would during normal office hours.

    Yes, I’m on a ship and also working a bit. However, I’m also sleeping way more than normal, enjoying the sunshine and having TONS of quality AND quantity time with my kids. (I also have a date with hubby tonite while kids are at kids’ club on board)

    I’m wrapping up a book manuscript, a chapter for a collaborative work, cleaning out digital clutter, scheduling some things on the calendar and have sent dozens of emails to my team for things to clean up, straighten up and systematize before Jan 1.

    Am I a workaholic? Nope
    Am I devoted to my family? Obnoxiously so
    Am I having fun? Absolutely
    Am I on holiday? Yes I am
    Am I recharging? Yes!
    Am I creating my luck? Yes, of course

    I agree with Chris on this — there is a balance. You can focus on important stuff and still unplug and recharge. This is not a RIGHT or WRONG post. This is a RIGHT or LEFT post.

    Chris gets the same comments I get about ‘you’re so lucky’ — everything you touch turns to gold — I wish I could _______ == and then when he tells you why via the ‘Overnight Success’ videos or the ‘maximize this week’ post — he gets blasted ;)

    Keep up the great work Chris! Keep up the great play! Enjoy life! Enjoy work! And keep up the great insightful posts!!

    Carrie Wilkerson
    yep – Barefoot on a cruise ship…lucky, I guess ;)

  • Khürt Williams

    Yesterday was the most productive day of 2010 for me. The office is empty and I was able to start working on that reporting system I’ve been putting off. I used the time to start thinking about projects for 2011. This is going to be an awesome week.

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  • Eldorado Colorado Guy

    Couldn’t agree more, past two weeks have been he most productive weeks I have had in my business all years. Let the pikers go on vacation and get fat and lazy the rest of us will keep on trucking getting things done! Great post!

  • Joey

    You are right about that.It’s in these moments that you rake the most.Alone time makes you more creative,aggresive and less conservative.

  • Martyn Chamberlin…

    Oh Chris, this is a make-me-feel-good post because I’ve been doing some secret, stealthy stuff that launches on the new year. Sure, it’s a vacation time too, so I’m doing both.

    Today is so exciting!

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  • Frankie Cooper

    These are some some great and interesting points to help keep your business steadily growing.

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