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I just stumbled upon something interesting:

YouTube Search Query

If you are uploading videos and you want them to be found better via search, you might consider which category you use to classify them. Because I just noted that there are only four being listed in the advanced search functions: Science&Tech, Howto&Style, News&Politics, and Gaming. So, every video I’ve ever posted to YouTube is currently under “People&Blogs,” and thus, if I’m hoping someone searches me by some kind of category versus a keyword, I’m invisible.

With that in mind, I looked around for some tips to share with you on how to get more views on YouTube.

How to Optimize YouTube Videos for SEO.

How to Boost your SEO with a YouTube Channel.

YouTube SEO Tips (this one was really useful to me.)

YouTube Basics for SEO.

How to Optimize Your YouTube Videos (the slideshow has some useful bits, for sure).

Another way to do better on YouTube is to Get Seen.

Yes, there are other video channels, but YouTube is the boss when it comes to search. Thoughts? Questions? runs on the Genesis Framework

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  • Adeline Cotet

    je vais essayer ou attendre j’ai vue qu’il y a avait des gens qui n’avait pas beaucoup voir 0vue

  • Neil Ferree

    Now that the YouTube algo has been updated whereby “duration” is more valuable vs. clicks, seems to me the best way to get more views is to create such great content, the viewer will watch the entire video. Then again, I’ve noticed the “recommended video” is my #2 traffic source, so having your video thumbnail along side a high traffic video is where you want to be.

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  • Jessica Boxerman

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  • andy pearson

    Another Great way of getting views would be to compete for just one or two keywords that relates to your video, do some keyword research, implement the keyword that you choose to compete for into your title, your description spun in with text, and also your tags, making sure that there are few similar versions of the same keyword that is spun. This way your video is much more likely to rank on the first page on YouTube search for that particular keyword enabling you to get more views pretty fast. If you then share your video in some communities you should get some comments and views giving your video the boost that it needs! I hope you find this post helpful I am just trying add value to your amazingly helpful article! I love the fast that you are helping others! Keep up the great work Chris! :)

  • Rob Smith

    Thanks for sharing these articles, really helpful!

  • Mike Burke JR

    Thanks for the tips! Something new I started doing, that has been helping, is I create my own personal thumbnails. I use humor so it grabs attention. The thumbs must be related to videos but it works. It’s also great for when I post my videos to my blog.